Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I love this blogging thing. The first I ever heard of blogging was from reading the NYTimes article on Stephanie Klein in late July '05. Read Greek Tragedy and was hooked. What a talented writer.

The next blog that I read was Urban Barbara (found on Stephanie's site) starting around July 21st or so. Loved her post on shopping at Bergdorf's and what she packed for her San Francisco trip. Lately she's been in a down mood and I don't want to constantly read sad stuff. Hope she feels better soon.

I've read several interesting blogs since July but it seems I've gotten cought up in the Indo culture. I love it. There's this one Indo girl (Yasmina) living in the Netherlands who recently married a Dutch guy. I cought her site just as they were planning their wedding. Love her site because she has so many international friends and has traveled so much. I like to say that I have lived in Bali and Jakarta but the truth is that I was only vacationing in Indonesia. I've also spent time in the Netherlands, so I like visiting Yasmina's site to get a glimsp at Indo and the NL. She also loves food and posts beautiful pictures of food on Flickr (which is where I first stumbled on toYasmina's site after linking on to le petit hiboux from Stephanie's site).

So thanks to the NYTimes for writing the article on Stephanie Klein and thank you Stephanie for your quality work.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger fistfulofpixels said...

yayhooray! another blogger! it is nice to meet you, Paris! thanks for the review of my blog :)


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