Thursday, August 25, 2005

This morning I toured a house that I thought I might be interested in purchasing.
Great architecture, fabulous floor plan, sound foundation, nice lot with 10 plus mature trees. Fine established neighborhood. About 12 minutes from the center of downtown. Needs some work. Built in 1941.

Last Friday I looked at 2 condominium models scheduled for completion in mid 2006. Center of downtown. Both highrises. One friend's boyfriend described them as "boxes in air".

The house with the trees and yard felt so relaxing , but the thought of the maintenance seems overwhelming.

The cost of the house half the price of the codominiums. The square
footage is the same.

I want to move.

But where?


At 12:08 AM, Blogger fistfulofpixels said...

humm, i'd go for the house with the trees and yard. think of all those barbecues you'll have with friends! :) get your friends to come round for a gardening session to help with the maintenance?


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