Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm so happy. I came across Barbara's (formerly Urban Barbara) site today. At times I've lived vicariously through this girl. She seems to have a great sense of style, knows fashion, lives in NY and is attempting a transition to Paris, France. I sooo missed her postings (except the ones when she is stuck in sadness. I pray for her mental health). Found out that she has had a new site since January '06. Now I have 3 blogs that I must read every day. Yamina's (for a look into Indo culture and the life of someone who is studying design in Milan, and is married to a Dutchman), Kathya(Yasmina's friend who lives in Germany who's husband is in Iraq. This girl just seems to be a sweetheart), and Barbara (for a look at my self when it comes to her interest in Paris, France, and her tastes in everything from interior design, fashion , food , travel, the arts, etc.)

Funny how I came across her site today after seeing Norma Kamali last Sat. Kamali is a clothing designer who is making somewhat of a comeback. Barbara had metioned Kamali in a post on her other site which I found interesting...

Anyways . . . I now have something more to read.

Gotta go. Cell phone just rang. It was Mr. S. I'm suprised that he's calling. Our relationship is strained. Hadn't talked to him much since he got back from his month long travels. Have spoken to him only once since he's been back as a matter of fact. Happened to call him to see if he wanted to meet me in Paris but his plane had just landed an hour earlier in Houston. Will call him back and see if he will travel with me to Umbria in July. I have not traveled in four years. Seems strange for me not to have traveled in so long. Must sell this housel.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger PretaMulatta said...

how we all drink from the well of barbara at times?

At 12:29 PM, Blogger monica said...

Interesting comment you left on Barbara's blog. I'm surprised she didn't delete it.


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